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Working Language — A multilingual workshop

Image courtesy of Jewish Museum London — Children and Toddler Dancing Workshop

What is it about?

When we communicate, we use more than just our words. How can we illustrate our intentions when we communicate with signs using our hands, bodies or voice?

Discover how languages intersect to unite us as engaged participants of the conversation, as Rinkoo explores just what goes into learning a new language.

There will be a chance for you to learn a new language of your own as Rinkoo demonstrates some urban sign language throughout the session.

What will I gain?

— An insight into the importance of urban sign language to deaf communities

— A deeper understanding of intersectionality and language

— Strategies to raise awareness of double discrimination

Who is it for?

For those interested in communication on all levels or who have customer-facing aspects to their role. This practical workshop is also suitable for anyone with a keen interest in how we use language and how it can be perceived.

Rinkoo Barpaga | Theatre Maker, Film Maker and Comedian