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What we do #Digilab

Millie Carroll of The Tetley talks us through her progress on the Digital Lab

In the last few months I’ve made this project involve our whole team, and recently we’ve finalised some big decisions and we’re finally in the process of launching the new ‘artists area’ of our website.

However one of the biggest decisions we’ve made after some research is that this isn’t going to just be an area about the work we’ve done with professional and exhibiting artists, but an area that highlights the ‘what we do’ more broadly. We’ll have first person narratives from workshops leaders, children who take part in our after school club, volunteers, and anyone else who we can think of that may have been impacted by the work we do at The Tetley.

After a few weeks of research we have not found any other museums or galleries that have an area like this. We’ve found directory style pages on websites where they list the artists they work with, alongside images, videos and quotes from their time with these people, but none of them are reflective, which is the main aim of what I want to achieve. I want feedback on how their experience went such as, “My exhibition at The Tetley has led to me showing work internationally…”.  I believe the public and potential funders will be more interested to read about this rather than ‘I’m excited to have my exhibition at The Tetley’.

I’ve been in touch with three people we have worked with so far. One had a major exhibition with us in 2017. The other two have been part of our Springboard Programme who lead workshops for families and young people at The Tetley and are also freelance practitioners. I sent around six questions which were very open in the hopes that the people we get in touch with have the ability to speak their mind, I’ve advised them to view these questions as ‘prompts’. The feedback has been great and I’m excited to get it online!

We’ve had an issue with our new website — we need to move it to a new server. The plan was to get these posts online by the beginning of March but sadly it has been pushed back. After speaking to the technicians, hopefully by the 18 of March I’ll have these first three posts online and we can start measuring engagement! The idea of building a new area of the site has been more complicated than initially planned. Looking back I have been perhaps naive in thinking it would be easy to make changes to our site… Hopefully this will all still be done in good time!

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Image courtesy of Liverpool Biennial 2016 © Joel-Chester-Fildes