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What could we achieve in the next 25 years?

#25All for Audiences

We all know that working in the arts and cultural sector isn’t the easiest of career choices. Our sector is driven by the love of what we do, our passion for sharing this appreciation with our audiences and our ability to create a truly inclusive sector.

For this AMA 25 story, we wanted to explore what cultivates this passion and where it could lead the sector in the next 25 years.

What do you want the sector to achieve in the next 25 years?

My dream for the arts sector is the same as it has been for the last 25 years: that it becomes commonplace for a diverse range of leaders to be programming/enabling a varied range of artists and experiences. A diverse range of audiences will then see themselves reflected in all types of work that illustrates the complexity, richness and value of human life.”

— Mel Larsen, Marketing Consultant and Business Performance Coach

“I want arts and creativity to be at an integral part of all policy-making and planning as this will ensure the policies and planning are human being-focused and better quality. And I want everyone to be able to access quality arts and have their souls opened by them in a unique way. Part of this would be introducing an ‘Arts Access Passport’ so that anyone with additional requirements could use this to get accessible tickets and make accessible visits without having to complete a process for every single place they visit.”

— Jane Cordell, Director, Result Coaching and Training CIC

“I want the sector to have made significant progress in removing inequality to accessing, participating and creating arts and culture for everyone. For it to achieve its diversity and inclusion goals where creative talent is drawn from and equally valued from all perspectives and experiences of people in society. ”

— Thanh Sinden, Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement Specialist, Thanh Sinden Consulting

“I want to see a sector that is driven by the interests, curiosity, and creative potential of the people of this place. Arts, culture, and heritage are woven into the fabric of everyday life.”

— Colette Fahy, Communications Executive, Thrive

“I would love to see better pay for artists and creatives as well as the arts workforce. I would also like to see real bravery for enabling diversity and inclusion which is possible and not as hard as people think. Lastly, more funding for grass roots work.”

— Binita Walia, PR, Marketing & Communications Consultant, The Space InBetween Ltd

Why not add to this AMA 25 story?

Let us know what you want the sector to achieve in the next 25 years and we’ll add your thoughts to this story. Simply send a couple of sentences, your name and job role to and we’ll share your views with our members.

With thanks to:

Francesca Vaney, Acting Marketing & Communications Manager, New Art Exchange

Emrah Tokalac, Head of Marketing & Communications, Kings Place Music Foundation

Jane Macpherson, Freelance

Luigi Marinelli, Digital Marketing Manager, Theatre Royal Winchester

Megan Pritchard, Marketing Campaigns Manager, National Dance Company Wales