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Website Accessibility Statement

Website Accessibility Statement

We try to meet the international accessibility guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C WCAG 2), as well as taking into account user feedback. We are working hard to achieve WCAG 2.0 AA compliance.

Our website is built on WordPress, and we have used the WordPress Accessibility Handbook to shape how it works and looks.


Getting around our website

Our website can be navigated by keyboard, if users cannot navigate using a mouse.

We’ve labelled user interface elements, like input fields for forms, images and tabs, so they work with screenreaders.

We try to structure our pages so that our headings and page sections are in sequential order so that Assistive Technologies like screenreaders can understand the content.

We are working on adding ARIA Landmarks so that our website works with older browsers.

Help to Have content spoken to you


Content on our website

We try to make content as easy to read as possible. That means we try to use plain language, and use headings to structure pages. We also measure the readability of our written copy.

All multimedia content should have transcripts, subtitles or captions. Let us know if you find any that does not:

Where PDFs are used, we try to make sure they are accessible PDFs, or that the content is available in a different form.


Viewing our website

Our website is designed to be responsive and work on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The site scales as it zooms, so fonts can be viewed at larger sizes if needed. To zoom in on content, keyboard users can hold down the ctrl key and press the + key to zoom in, and hold down ctrl and press the – key to zoom out.

 We try to use colours that provide good contrast. If you have dyslexia, you might find that changing colours or using different fonts or text sizes makes it easier to read.

You can find help changing how our website works or looks at the following links:

Help to Increase text size

Help to Change font

Help to Change colours

Help to Magnify the screen


Technical detail

Our website is produced by the AMA team with freelance developer support, and elements of our website are provided by our CRM provider, PatronBase. If you need any technical detail not provided here, let us know and we can provide more information. We include accessibility in our supplier procurement process.


Future plans

We are currently reviewing our website but if you have any problems using our website please let us know. You can contact us by email

We invite users to tell us what we could do to make our website better for them. We are looking at our website as a whole at the moment, and we will be getting user feedback to shape development.