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15th November 2019 Amy Firth

V&A Dundee — a digital case study

What is it about?

Creative campaigns / Awareness / Content marketing

Discover how Russell — who joined V&A Dundee 18 months before the building opened — went about promoting a space that wasn’t available, and how he kept the momentum going once it was. Including how barriers, like not being able to share any images from within the building, provided unexpected opportunities for his creative digital campaigns.

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What will I gain?

— How to use constraints to spark creativity

— How to do marketing when content is scarce

— How to maintain awareness in “dormant” periods

Who is it for?

Digital marketers and team leaders.


Russell Dornan | Digital Producer | V&A Dundee

Russell Dornan is a Digital Producer at V&A Dundee where he looks after digital content across the website, social media channels and beyond. He commissions editorial content and develops digital projects relating to the museum and its themes, from games to webcomics. Always looking for unexpected and challenging ways to explore a subject, he tries to find relatable and authentic ways to present museum stories.

Not a fan of the singular, authoritarian museum voice, Russell aims to showcase the range of perspectives present in and around his organisation. He’s interested in meaningfully building audiences across digital platforms, bringing digital into the building in different ways and pushing what it means to be a museum on social media. 






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