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10th October 2018 Jemma Green

DATA — insights to inform your strategy

Image courtesy of National Theatres Scotland — 12. Shift 2018. Presented by National Theatre of Scotland, Culture NL and North Lanarkshire Council. © Drew Farrell


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What is it about?

Using data to make small, incremental improvements to your tactics will add up over time. But how do you use data to inform strategy, test new offerings, and discover the bigger opportunities that might be out there?

In this session, Chris will show you how to use commonly available tools and some imaginative techniques find and research new audiences, test new campaigns, and understand your competitors.

What will I gain?

— Ways of using your data insights to find new audiences

— Insights into how you might test new campaigns

— Advice for using data to understand your competitors

Who is it for?

This session is for those with experience of analytics tools, who want to know how best to future-gaze with their data insights and use this to inform their strategies.

Chris Unitt | Founder | One Further


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