Our training and events help you get the skills you need to reach and build relationships with your audiences — this can include visitors, communities, service users, online audiences, customers, social media followers, partners, stakeholders. 

We help bring a more audience-focused approach to your work and organisation, and makes sure you are set up to succeed.  

If you work in an arts and/or heritage organisation, and are responsible for marketing, communications and audience development, our training will help you reach the audiences you need.  

We recognise that to do this successfully, you need a specific mix of skills and knowledge. We’re here to support that development. 

We offer training and events across the year, with webinars free for members, and with member discounts on all other training and events. Discover more about our previous events

The AMA also offers sponsorship opportunities for some of our events.

The AMA’s resources, training and events have supported my work and development…It’s the first place I look when I need to change things up or get inspired.

Francesca Vaney, Acting Marketing & Communications Manager, New Art Exchange

The Training We Offer


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Discounts for members – 12 a year. Around 3 hours of intensive, interactive learning. 


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The AMA Conference runs annually and brings delegates together for two days of inspiration and building connections.

Day Events & Programmes

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AMA’s day events and programmes bring members and delegates together with the latest thinking, trends and challenges

They include multi-day programmes and annual events such as Inclusivity & Audiences Day, and Digital Marketing Day.

Regional Meetings

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At an AMA regional meeting, you can meet a whole range of people working in your area, in your sector.

Funded Programmes

We also run funded programmes such as Digital Heritage LabMake sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to hear when new events become available. 

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Our Trainers

Our trainers are experts in the field.

We choose our trainers based on their experience, perspectives, and sector-relevance. We’re committed to having a diverse range of trainers that reflects the full breadth of society. If you want to know more about becoming a trainer, tell us a bit about yourself – we love meeting new people and hearing new voices!


The AMA offers a range of ways for organisations to support our work and add value to our members.

Our sponsors are drawn from organisations who add value to the arts, culture and heritage sector with their services and products. Their support helps make many of our events possible.

If you would like to work with us on an event or a particular part of our training offering, talk to Ciara to find out more.

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