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4th July 2018 Matt Ecclestone

Top Tips for Working with Freelancers — Part 2

Our Freelancer AMA members give their advice for culture organisations working with freelancers.

Amy Rushby
“Be open to a remote working arrangement in order to recruit the right freelancer to the role. An initial face-to-face meeting to discuss the work can be followed up by weekly catch up calls, Google Hangouts and Skype calls. Use Google Drive (or other Cloud services) to work collaboratively on documents and share files and information.  Working remotely can mean that you get the best out of your freelancer, who can dedicate more time to getting the work done rather than clocking up travel miles.”

Rachel Escott
“If you can really get to a place of understanding life through your audiences’ eyes – for all your different audiences – then you can decide who it is most important for you to concentrate on right now or in the future. The ways and means will soon become evident!”
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Sam Scott Wood
“Keep talking to your freelancer – even if things aren’t working out as you’d hoped on a piece of work. The best relationships with freelancers are those where you can talk honestly and openly. We all know that projects can get delayed, priorities change and budgets can be hard to find. We also know that sometimes it’s right for the organisation to move on and work with someone else – it’s all part and parcel of freelance life and we won’t be offended at all if you tell us. Your freelancer might have blocked out time to work on your project, so it’s really useful to let them know as soon as you can of any changes. ”

Lizzie Forbes-Ritte
“Give as much information as you can and stay in touch once the initial excitement of starting the work has worn off… particularly if everyone is working remotely.  Being cc’d into many emails is better than missing one key bit of information.”

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