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6th October 2017 Rebecca Moore

Three Little Words Which Spark Creativity #DMA

DK, digital marketing expert and a mentor for the Digital Marketing Academy offers some thoughts on creativity.

Every creative act starts with an act of vulnerability evidenced by three little words:

I. Don’t. Know. 

Many state the above as line in the sand, a closing down of conversation, a refusal to explore further.

Others get excited, and lean forwards, hungry for adventure, ready to fail forwards.

These are the creatives!

Whether it be composing an orchestral piece in 10minutes from nothing:


Collaborating on a dance piece when you can’t speak each others language:


Drawing blind to spark an abstract drawing piece:


…this is the imaginative mindset at work.


When mixed with curated ideas and experience plus audacity and mad curiousity, its forms the most delicious path to potential.

Whether you’re starting a business, leading a team, beginning at a new organisation, figuring out the next steps in life, or shaping a city-wide initiative to infuse a city with creative literacies

…saying “I don’t know” more often is a rallying cry to creative action.


Top image courtesy of Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History © CLoé J. F. Zarifian

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