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The strongest brands in our sector #AMAconf

As we get closer to conference, we wanted to hear more from our AMA conference speakers.

In this blog post, Eleanor Appleby, Head of Visitor Communications at Tate answers the question:

Which cultural organisations do you think have the strongest brands and why? 

I think the National Theatre, the Whitworth in Manchester and MoMA in New York are all examples of organisations with strong brands. And when I say brand I don’t mean their logo or visual identity — I mean the perception they create about themselves in the minds of everyone who encounters them.

They have created this strong perception by being very clear about who they are and what they stand for, and manifesting it consistently in everything they do — from their programmes to their environments to their catering to their staff. They do it in direct ways such as through public statements: MoMA’s Google results snippet says ‘MoMA is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration’. They do it through attention to detail:  the Whitworth has beautiful temporary signs which visually link to the gallery’s textiles collection and the idea of ‘gallery in a park’. And they do it indirectly through their internal ethos and practices: the National Theatre wants everyone who visits to feel really welcome so they have a great staff training programme for their front of house teams.

All of these practices mean as an audience member I’ll have a strong sense of what I’m going to get from them — and I’ll be confident that they will always deliver on that promise. They make me want to connect with them, recommend them, and keep visiting them, as well as buying, donating and participating. All great organisational benefits of a strong and compelling brand.

Eleanor will be holding the session How Brand Strategy is Key to Organisational Success (but its got to come from within) on the Thursday afternoon of conference.

For further information on this year’s event, please visit the AMA conference 2019 home page.