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The rough side of town — what do you really know about your neighbourhood?

Image courtesy of Milapfest — Discover India Day in collaboration with Band on the Wall 

What is it about?

“If you’re coming in here to use us as a tick box for your project, you can piss off now!”
Neighbourhoods and with a “rough” or “bad reputation” create a negative view of an entire community. But what’s the reality? Boseda will discuss her ‘What does it mean to be British?’ project and how she approached and worked with groups from these areas in Nottingham and Birmingham.
Expect to have your perceptions challenged on what ‘hard to reach’ audiences might look like. Boseda will challenge your perception of privilege and explore what this means for your own work when trying to reach new audiences.

Boseda Olawoye| Freelance Engagement Curator and Creative Engagement Manager | Threshold Studios