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The importance of audience-focused leadership

#25The importance of audience-focused leadership

As part of the AMA’s 25 years celebrations, we’ve launched a new resource section on Leadership in the Members’ Area. Cath Hume, AMA’s CEO, explains why audience-focused leadership is so important.

The AMA believes that arts, culture and heritage organisations should be audience-focused — and to be really audience-focused you need a leader that’s championing that to ensure the whole organisation is on board.

Leaders need to ensure that their whole team is always thinking about the people they engage with as audience members, visitors or participants; whatever that relationship is. That’s why we’re giving leaders — current leaders, new leaders and those stepping up into leadership roles — the skills and knowledge to be audience-focused.

How can you help your organisation define and fulfil its purpose? How can you inspire your team and build the right culture and profile for your organisation? How can you contribute to your organisation’s business planning and business models to ensure future resilience?

These are the type of questions that leaders need to think about and we hope that some of our  Leadership resources can provide some of the answers.

We want our members to choose how their career progresses and for some that will involve becoming a leader of an organisation or a leader of a team or department.

You can be a leader within your organisation at any level and the new Leadership section in the AMA’s Members’ Area provides useful resources to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to become an effective leader.

We are continually developing resources for the AMA’s Members’ Area — if you have any suggestions please get in touch with the Jacqueline Haxton, AMA’s editor, at

The AMA’s new member resource section on Leadership is now available in the Members’ Area.

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