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The highs and lows of going freelance

#25The highs and lows of going freelance

The move from full-time, salaried employment to portfolio working or becoming a freelancer is increasing rapidly in our sector. A whole new host of  ‘wrap-around’ skills is required including setting up and promoting your own business.

The soft skills of collaboration, networking and communication need to work alongside your existing specialist knowledge. Underneath this you need to tackle everything from choosing the right business model, cash flow, invoicing, your fee structure, tax and also have strategies in place to cope if you become ill and to manage both times of feast and famine.

Being a freelancer can be incredibly rewarding — it can also be a tricky environment to negotiate. At the beginning you have to learn a host of new skills — fast.

At the AMA we know that freelancing places these different demands on you and so we offer a specific Freelance Membership that offers additional, tailored benefits including our Freelance Directory, an email discussion group and freelance-only webinars.

Getting advice and support from others who’ve ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt’ can be a huge help. On AMAculturehive you can follow the journey of AMA Freelance Member Beckie Smith as she takes us through the highs and lows of setting up her own independent consultancy.  In a series of eight blogs Beckie covers all the practicalities including lots of tips and lessons along the way.

You can find a wealth of resources for freelancers on AMAculturehive including Beckie’s blogs and many additional resources from business plan, invoice and cash flow templates to ‘How to’ advice on setting up your website or choosing the right business model that works for you.

Illustration by Bel Burkill.

Go to AMAculturehive for a wealth of resources for freelancers.