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The Future is Now

Image courtesy of The Piece Hall – Live at The Piece Hall by Danny Payne Photography (1)

Download the session presentation.


What is it about?

Futurist Anne Lise Kjaer will open Future Now with a look at where the arts and cultural sector, and our audiences, might be heading.
Anne Lise will share her research and experience of consumer mindsets and trends, helping us to future gaze towards possible opportunities.
Join us to learn about what may be possible — and how the arts and cultural sector can begin to create the future we want.
Anne Lise Kjaer
Anne Lise Kjaer | Futurist | Kjaer Global

Get your questions answered

We’ll be using during the event so you can ask questions of your keynote speakers — including the one in London.
You’ll be able to send your questions and get them answered in real time via the live stream.
Go to or download the app in the Apple or Google Play stores, then find and select #AMAFutureNow.
The event on will become active on the day of the event.