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18th November 2019 Jemma Green

The Digital Shift — what we can learn from digital transformation in the creative, third, and public sectors

Leadership Briefing 

In the largest study on resilience in the cultural sector to date (The Audience Agency/Golant Innovation/Arts Council England), professionals identified competition from other leisure and entertainment and changed consumer habits resulting from digital as the two biggest challenges, after funding cuts. Both drivers sit outside the arts.

Funded cultural organisations have much in common with the commercial creative industries and wider third and public sectors. They manage venues and visitor attractions; involve local communities; produce and publish filmed media, audio and ‘print’; run shops and cafés — as well as creating experiences that reflect as well as change the lives of those enjoying them.

So how are music, publishing and entertainment affected by the embedding of digital into our lives, the economy and the world around us? How are voluntary organisations and social enterprises using the power of the Internet and mobile devices to transform themselves and the communities they serve? How is central and local government leveraging digital to redesign their services and business models? How do design, advertising and fashion use data to optimise their impact? How does sport enhance buildings and outdoor spaces with digital?

Let’s see what the cultural sector can learn and apply from this.

This session is supported by The Audience Agency.

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What will I gain?

Understand how consumer behaviours and expectations are changing as a result of digital

See how design thinking and user-centered research can be used to drive innovation

Be able to spot opportunities for new revenues, funding or lower costs through digital

Who is it for?

For executives, board members and ‘heads of’ finance, marketing, communications, enterprise, innovation, digital, media/broadcast who are seeking to think differently about how digital can transform their organisation. Others managing organisational change around digital and data will also benefit from this briefing.


Patrick Towell | Innovation Director | The Audience Agency

Patrick Towell is the Innovation Director of The Audience Agency and Executive Director of its enterprise arm, Golant Innovation. He is a business and financial advisor to Arts Council England, resilience advisor to Arts Council Wales and digital advisor to National Lottery Heritage Fund. He is global policy research fellow at the Institute for Technology and Society in Rio, a thinktank for the global south.

He writes and speaks on how innovations can be shared between different sectors, the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on human rights and how content and data can be turned into strategic business assets.

Formerly, he was Chair of the Information Society Working Group for the UK’s National Commission for UNESCO and was Vice-Chair of the British Standards committee for e-learning.

Golant is the village he grew up in on the River Fowey in Cornwall. He plays the piano and accordion.

This session is supported by The Audience Agency.




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