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The building blocks of arts marketing

#25The building blocks of arts marketing

When the AMA — the Arts Marketing Association — was registered as a limited company 25 years ago arts marketing was a relatively new concept.

The AMA was born out of the need to professionalise this area of the arts, cultural and heritage sector. We were established to help our members develop their marketing skills and knowledge; to establish supportive networks; to share latest thinking; and, in recent years, to help the sector to become more audience-focused and inclusive in its approach.

The emergence of digital has had the biggest impact on how we communicate with our audiences. Back in 1993 the world wide web was still in its infancy and social media hadn’t even been thought of. It would be another 11 years before Mark Zuckerberg set up Facebook and another 14 before the first iPhone was launched.

A lot has changed. The sector has had to become more agile to respond to the rapid changes in technology and digital now plays a pivotal role in marketing.

Despite all these developments, what’s been constant over the past 25 years, and continues to be, is the need to have a strategic approach to arts marketing. Whatever communication tools, channels or approaches you use to connect with your potential audiences and visitors; a successful marketing campaign relies upon a strategic approach that plans, executes and evaluates.

The knowledge we have of our audiences and visitors and how we communicate may have changed but the principles behind strategic marketing haven’t. These are the building blocks from which successful marketing campaigns are built upon.

As part of the AMA25 celebrations we’ve launched three new member resource videos that focus on tools that will help you strategically plan your marketing activity.

SMART objectivesThe Marketing Mix and the Ansoff Matrix are tools that will help you assess and choose potential marketing strategies that best fits your organisation’s overall aims and objectives. They will help you succeed in your marketing or campaign planning.

These resources build upon the videos we launched in 2017 — SWOT/TOWS/Strategy Sets; the Dual-Bottom Line Matrix and the Impact Matrix. And we have plans to produce more member resources that will help you and your colleagues apply the tools, skills and marketing knowledge needed to succeed in your day to day job.

“The AMA continues to explore new avenues that are impacting audience development. We recognise the need to offer our members training and resources to foster the skills and knowledge that underpin strategic arts marketing,” says Lucy Jamieson, AMA’s Head of Programme.

“The need for this knowledge is still relevant today as it was when if first emerged 25 years ago and the AMA will continue to develop member resources that have helped shape the professionalism of arts marketing.”

Remember more member resources can be found in the Members’ Area — you will need your member login to access. We welcome feedback and suggestions to help us develop our member resources email

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SMART objectives

The Marketing Mix 

The Ansoff Matrix

These new AMA member video resources will help you strategically plan your campaign and marketing activity — you will need your member login to access.