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1st May 2018 Jemma Green

The AMA Gallery — Powered by Play

This year’s AMA conference — The Power of Play is all about unleashing your creativity, embracing risk and experimenting, ultimately achieving improved results for your organisation.

As part of the AMA conference campaign, we wanted our branding to reflect the creativity of our team and members, so we have created The AMA Gallery.

At Copywriting Day in March, we tasked our members to have fun with some art supplies, creating an image that could be utilised within the AMA conference branding. The delegates that took part couldn’t quite imagine how their improvised doodles could fit within a professionally designed brand, but I think you’ll agree, the results are remarkable!


“There’s nothing more (creatively) liberating than being able to stop thinking consciously and let your body play” — Phoebe Hopwood, The Marlowe Theatre


The AMA team also had fun experimenting in the office, trying their skills on both wood board and paper:


We will be showing off this fantastic artwork on Twitter, and if you want to join in the fun, adding your own artwork to our gallery, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Unleash your creativity
  2. Take a picture of your work
  3. Send it to by Monday 2 July

We can’t wait to see what you will come up with.

AMA Conference 2018 — The Power of Play

24 — 26 July | ACC, Liverpool