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16th January 2019 Jemma Green

Thanh Sinden — using tomorrow’s technology to interact with audiences today

Thanh Sinden | Board Member | Museum Detox

Future Now, the AMA’s Digital Marketing Day really positioned the world of tomorrow’s technology into my present thinking about our current and future interactions with audiences. When I think about how fast and sophisticated technology is developing, the type of futuristic tech I saw in sci-fi movies many of which are a reality now, the future is here.

I was really pleased to be able to attend the Digital Marketing Day in London through the AMA’s inclusive bursary enabling me to represent Museum Detox, and to take the insights and connections made at the event back to the network.

The conference happened concurrently in Glasgow, which we had our first keynote speaker, Anne Lise Kjaer, live streamed to London delegates. The day was about horizon scanning, making smart and strategic decisions by being data led and about access and impact – using technology to enable better access to your content and your service for a more inclusive future.

Anne Lise Kjaer talked about how we can engage tomorrow’s people, thinking like a futurist by exploring key society trends. This requires multidimensional thinking about how we can connect all the dots of these trends to innovate and creatively engage with tomorrow’s world.

Changing the culture of norms in an organisation takes a lot of crafting and bold decisions being made. These decisions perhaps don’t need to feel quite so bold when they are data driven. I found Lucy Sinclair’s work as Director of Audiences and Media at Royal Opera House, motivating. Being able to structure for success requires being able to capture useful data and to use it as strategic tools. Enabling focus, clarity and effective targeting of resources.

Using data insights to strategise and find new audiences was further emphasised and demonstrated with current tools and techniques by Chris Unitt in his presentation. Hearing from Suhair Khan and her work with Google’s Arts and Culture was informative and inspiring, looking at what digital has done for access into arts and cultural heritage for everyone through their platform.

With no doubt, my favourite presentation of the day was Robin Christopherson from AbilityNet. He talked us through creating inclusive digital experiences now with the technology of tomorrow. His presentation was insightful, exciting, funny, and struck to the core of my values of inclusion. The technology we have and moving more towards seemingly increases our productivity, access, ease and seamlessness of living. If we can think at the centre of using such technology how this will make someone, who is differently able, have better life opportunities, their inclusion and active participation in everyday life with the same ease is for me the digital goal for us all.


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