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Telling Their Stories — the case for the human approach

What is it about?

Does your organisation have a united approach when it comes to reaching new audiences? Is there scope to collaborate outside your normal circles?
Explore how you can make your work relevant to your communities. Discover how social cohesion can be at the heart of your work. Jo will explain the work she’s already done in this area, including how to attract funding for this type of project. You’ll hear first-hand how these types of projects can be successful.

What will I gain?

— An appreciation of the different models available to linking projects about your people/audiences ideas to organisational activity
— Tips on how to attract funding for projects that promote social cohesion
— Advice on prioritising your time and focus when working at a strategic level

Who is it for?

For those working in leadership or management roles. You will be setting the tone for your organisation’s inclusion strategy and up for tackling some much-needed conversations around the subject.

Jo McLeish | Founder | The Media Room