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Taking theatre to unexpected spaces

#25Taking theatre to unexpected places

What role does theatre play in helping us see ourselves — and our society — more clearly?

Theatres across the country — and beyond — are exploring ways in which their work can find new audiences, engage with exciting ways of telling stories while cultivating their sense of purpose and identity.

Our theatre-related resources tackle a range of positions, from questions of accessibility for neuro-divergent audience members, performing in non-traditional spaces to branding and marketing.

Recent additions include a case study from Ideas Test, a Creative People and Places funded project that aims to increase opportunities for people to take part in arts in the way that they choose. Located in Swale and Medway — and working with theatre group Dante or Die — Idea’s Test involved bringing theatre to unexpected, non-traditional spaces.

Learn more about the process behind this way of working, and its effect on local audiences and participants, as well as other case studies and reports via our theatre focus.

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Dante or Die's theatre performance in a local swimming pool. Image courtesy of Ideas Test.Image courtesy of  Ideas Test. Photo Sophie Ignatieff, Dante or Die.

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