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2 men sat on a sofa, facing each other and chatting.


Helping your website to better reflect your brand

Your website is one of your most important audience engagement tools, but does it truly convey your brand with maximum impact?

The AMA has joined forces with Supercool to help you showcase your brand’s personality across your website, with a webinar and one-to-ones focusing on this challenge.

Thanks to Supercool, these opportunities are completely FREE.

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Your organisation’s website is one of the most visible and widely accessible ways for audiences to get to know you — and feel closer to you. Beyond your logo, colour palette and typeface, what’s special and distinctive about you?

In this one-to-one session Supercool specialists will discuss with you how your organisation’s brand personality can work better across your website — suggesting practical, quick-wins for reflecting your brand voice and distinction — without requiring a redesign.

Your session will be led by James Coleman or Kate Mroczkowski.

2 men sat on a sofa, facing each other and chatting.

Free webinar: Personality, purpose, and heart
— how your website can better reflect your brand

Beyond your logo, colour palette and typeface, what’s special about your organisation? Does that come across clearly to people through your website? Over 16 years working with arts and cultural organisations, Supercool have unearthed many and varied ways to better reflect your brand personality online.

In this webinar, Supercool share the biggest opportunities to reflect your brand on your website — alongside potential solutions, and shining examples from across the sector.

You’ll get practical, quick-wins for adding personality, purpose, and heart to your website — without the need for a redesign.

Find out more.

Your speakers

About Supercool

James Coleman Supercool

James Coleman

James is Managing Director at Supercool. Having trained as a print designer, he founded the company in 2004 and began working with organisations and artists he’d met through art school.

Since then, James has been the driving force behind Supercool’s transformation into a well-respected digital design agency — with a reputation for inclusive design, smart use of tech, and great customer service.

With a keen interest in both design and development, James works across the team at Supercool — as well as directly with clients; helping them identify challenges, and resolve them with great-looking, highly functional solutions.

Kate Mrockowski

Kate Mroczkowski

Kate is Head of Strategy at Supercool. She’s been working in the arts sector for over 15 years, having started her career in a box office and gone on to customer service, box office management and fundraising roles. 

Before joining Supercool, Kate spent nearly four years working at Spektrix. At Spektrix she helped organisations across the country to fundraise better, implement audience development strategies, and use data effectively.

At Supercool, Kate works closely with organisations; helping them get the most from their websites, and reach as many audiences as possible.

Supercool is an approachable, experienced, and straight-talking team of problem-solvers. We combine design, technology, and data to make life easier for arts and cultural organisations — and their audiences.

Since 2004 we’ve been collaborating with clients — from big theatres to intimate venues, global touring companies to local festivals — on websites, digital strategy, and branding projects. Together, we craft smart, beautiful and efficient solutions that improve clients’ long-term resilience — helping them increase revenue and get closer to audiences.

Our in-house experience and know-how includes: digital brand development; user-centred, inclusive design; responsive web development; technical integration; ticketing and fundraising; data analysis; and strategic consultancy.

A belief that art and culture is for everyone runs through all that we do; from the big picture to the finest detail.

Image Credits:
Logo courtesy of Supercool
AMA conference 2019 (c) Marion-Botella
Image courtesy of James Coleman
Image courtesy of Kate Mroczkowski