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Strong internal communications #AMAconf

As we get closer to conference, we wanted to hear more from our AMA conference speakers.

In this blog post, Eleanor Appleby, Head of Visitor Communications at Tate answers the question:

How can strong internal communications build strong organisations?

Focusing on your internal communications might seem like a low priority activity when everyone’s busy worrying about external campaigns. But they are fundamental to how much people enjoy their job and how well they do it, and therefore how your organisation is perceived externally.

Good internal communications are the cornerstone of a strong and successful organisation: If staff have been told what’s going on in a transparent and timely way, and have had the opportunity to participate in decisions, they will be much more motivated and engaged. They’ll also be more efficient (not having to look for information in lots of different places) and will also be best placed to make the right decisions for your organisation, because they know what you’re all trying to achieve. And if there are changes ahead, strong internal communication practices will help make the process a lot easier for everyone involved.

So how to improve things? Complaints about ‘poor internal communications’ can be difficult to unpack — do they mean between teams, from line managers to their staff, or from leaders to the whole organisation? It’s often a combination of them all. But while it might not be possible to change a manager’s communication style, implementing some simple processes to share information across the organisation can make a massive difference very quickly.

Find out the sorts of simple processes Eleanor means at her session Rewiring your Internal Communications on the Wednesday afternoon of this year’s AMA conference.

For further information on this year’s event, please visit the AMA conference 2019 home page.