Ideal for Marketing Managers who are looking to be more strategic in their marketing and in developing and supporting their teams

AMA’s Strategic Marketing Retreats are intensive residentials that take your marketing, strategy and leadership skills to the next level.

The Intermediate Retreat will help you understand how to set strategy for audience development and integrated marketing activities and effectively analyse your activity. It’s ideal if you’re at manager-level and want to take on, or have just taken on, more responsibility within your organisation. It’s a great way to super-charge your strategic marketing abilities, and will also provide you with insight into how to develop your role as a manager or team leader.

Is the Intermediate Retreat right for you?

  • Are you experienced in marketing campaigns and tactics but want to become more strategic ?
  • Would you like to understand more about brand guardianship and audience focus?
  • Do you want to learn how to motivate your team and support their professional development?

Booking now

AMA’s Intermediate Retreat is a residential taking place from 8 – 10 February 2023 in Leicester. The cost of the programme includes paying our trainers, your hotel rooms for two nights, and food and refreshments.

The Intermediate Retreat is now fully booked. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email

Retreats exist to support leadership and strategic planning, and this programme will help you make a greater impact in your role as you develop greater strategic and management skills. But we know a lot of training budgets are frozen right now, and we can only run the retreats if people are able to come.

If you are working in Wales at Manager level for a mid to large sized organisation, you can apply to be considered for the Arts Council of Wales Bursary.

Delegate numbers are strictly limited to 24 individuals, to ensure personalised, focused learning and development in a supportive environment.

Arts Council of Wales Bursary Rate: £295 + VAT (applications close Friday 25 November at 12.00pm)

Standard Member Rate: £1295 + VAT

Non-Member Rate: £1495 + VAT

If you’re in a more senior role, our Advanced level Retreat – for Heads and Directors who want to set strategic direction and drive change – takes place January 11-13 2023.

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Group of women in a professional environment discussing a work-related topic
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“This retreat was a real breath of fresh air that provided valuable time to learn, reflect and network. It was wonderfully run, had a fabulous group of trainers and covered such a remarkable amount of ground in the time allotted.”

2018 Delegate

Intermediate Retreat: Outline

The Intermediate Retreat begins at 5pm on February 8th. You’ll arrive at the venue to get checked in, and then join an initial introduction to the Retreat, dinner, and ice-breaking.

Over the next 2 days, you’ll complete six modules and two learning activities as follow.

February 9th:

Module 1: Driving your mission and being a brand guardian 

  • Vision and Mission: Understand your organisation’s vision and mission and how they connect to the business objectives. Discuss whether organisations need to re-evaluate their mission in light of the pandemic and social justice movements
  • Brand: Understand your brand’s DNA, how to articulate your organisation’s brand, and how to create a marketing strategy that is alighted to the mission and brand   
  • Brand Guardianship: Understand your role in creating, maintaining and growing the brand, and how to ensure colleagues take ownership of the brand across the organisation and implement it consistently

Module 2: Building the foundations of your marketing strategy 

  • Planning and Analysis: understand the importance of analysis as the first step in devising strategy and how to undertake internal and external analysis including SWOT and TOWS
  • How to understand, interrogate and use the information you have gathered
  • Develop a range of techniques to help you manage change and manage obstacles. Learn how to work with colleagues towards your chosen outcomes

Module 3: Audience Focus  

  • Understand what an audience-focused organisation looks like and how you ensure audience focus within your organisation  
  • Develop insight into the complexities of audience segmentation and the tools available to choose the right approach for you 
  • Make evidence-based business decisions and understand the importance and impact of getting your targeting right for your organisation

Activity: Mini Open Space

Using an Open Space approach, this facilitated small group discussion will explore what being an inclusive manager really means. It will provide an opportunity to discuss the practical and structural challenges to being truly inclusive and what kind of management skills are needed to start work on these complex challenges.

Module 4: Understanding your management style  

  • Explore the idea of Management Repertoire so you can understand the range of management styles available to you  
  • Identify your management strengths and the areas you can develop depending on the requirements of the situation

The day closes with a dinner and a chance to reflect on the day’s learning as a cohort.

February 10th:

Module 4 continued: Managing Others

  • Explore team communication styles, which management techniques motivate different people and how to get the best out of others  
  • Understand the psychology of influencing and persuasion and develop practical tools for difficult conversations  
  • Gain personal development insight into your own motivations and those of others, and be able to spot, manage and support signs of burnout in your team and yourself

Module 5: Setting your objectives and applying your strategy

  • Understand how to identify and set the right objectives for your organisation and how to measure and report on them
  • Develop confidence in communicating the outcomes, filtering out what you don’t need to use and understanding where to focus your effort
  • Use the skills you have developed – SWOT, objectives, audience focus – to build your marketing strategy  

Module 6: The marketing mix  

  • Understand how to use product / price / place / promotion to achieve your strategic objectives and develop confidence in how to use the 4Ps in creating your marketing strategy
  • Understand budgeting at Head of Department level
  • Gain insight and tools to understand how to approach evaluation

Activity: Reflection Exercise

Explore with others the challenges you face in your organisation and how you can apply what you have learned.

The Retreat closes at 4.45pm.

February 21st, 12pm – 1.30pm: online follow-up session 

Participants will give group presentations based on the case study they’ve been given during the retreat


Intermediate Retreats create strategic marketers and emerging leaders. Delegates add value to their organisations through the skills and insights acquired during the programme.

This leads to more impact in their roles, as they support their organisation’s marketing activities to move forward from tactical and reactive, to strategic and integrated.

“I want to get back to sharing the corporate vision & objectives with the rest of my team, to help them better understand how their individual roles feed into the marketing strategy and thus the organisational corporate plan.”

2015 Delegate feedback
Group of women in a professional environment discussing a work-related topic
Photo: Leo Cinicolo Photography


Your Retreat takes place at the Holiday Inn, in Leicester. Included in the ticket price is overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s located a ten-minute cab ride from the train station, and 15 minutes from the M1.

If you’ve got any accessibility needs, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate them, just let know. You can find out about Holiday Inn’s accessibility information on their website.


We source trainers based on their expertise in each topic area covered by the Retreat. Example trainers include:

Caroline Griffin

Caroline is an experienced consultant specialising in audience development and audience-focused organisational change in the cultural and creative sector, She has a strong reputation in market analysis and development, developing diverse audiences and digital engagement strategies. She is currently the National Communications Manager for the Creative People and Places Peer Learning and Communications Network and a Lecturer at the University of Warwick.  

Auriel Majumdar

Auriel Majumdar is an EMCC Master Practitioner, Creative Coach and Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience working in organisations as manager, leader, strategist and change maker. In her coaching practice, Auriel specialises in leadership and personal development in the creative sector.  Her coaching and facilitation practice brings in creative techniques to challenge and support individuals and groups to reflect on their experiences so they can continuously learn and develop.

Auriel Majumdar Headshot

Ed Newsome

Ed is currently Head of Marketing and Communications for Sherman Theatre in Cardiff. He has been an Arts Marketer for over twenty years, working in receiving theatres, touring companies and producing houses across the UK. Ed has a particular interest in audience focused communications and segmentation. He is a well-respected speaker, trainer and session leader and was a Resident Tutor on UK Theatre’s Essentials of Marketing (formerly Druidstone) course for six consecutive years.