Ideal for senior practitioners who want to support and steer their organisation

AMA’s Strategic Marketing Retreats are intensive residentials that take your marketing, strategy and leadership skills to the next level.

Is the Advanced Retreat right for you?

  • Are you experienced in marketing but want to develop your leadership skills?
  • Do you want to develop your understanding of business strategy, change management and financial planning?
  • Do you want to better support your CEO / Artistic Director or shape your organisation’s direction and future?

If the answer is “yes”, then this Retreat is for you.

Interested in the Advanced Retreat?

Unfortunately, the Strategic Marketing Retreat: Advanced Level is not currently open for bookings.

Send your details to Jemma Green, our Sales and Marketing Manager, to register your interest and be the first to hear when the event is next available.

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“beyond excellent, making this training programme very relevant to take back to my organisation”

“I found the whole thing very relevant. The elements of this course could be used for management and leadership across the organisation”

2018 Delegates

Advanced Retreat: Outline

The Advanced Retreat began at 5pm on January 11 2023. Delegates arrived at the venue to get checked in, and then join an initial introduction to the Retreat, dinner, and ice-breaking.

Over the next 2 days, delegates completed six modules and two learning activities as follows.

Jan 12th:

Module 1: The CEO perspective on business modelling and business planning 

  • Business Model Canvas – The key questions in clarifying the Business model, with relevant examples; how to assess and improve a business model
  • The Elements of Value – you will use the Value Pyramid to look at what you need to do to increase value to the customer  
  • Business Planning – How the business plan relates to values, drives structure and is owned by all 

Module 2: Understanding key financial metrics and their uses 

  • Key Financial Metrics: a clear understanding of metrics and their uses in tracking the health of a business model
  • Develop your own financial risk management compass
  • Stresses and opportunities of the operational financial model: how challenges differ across different sized organisations

Module 3: Developing a Leadership Repertoire  

  • The six leadership styles, their advantages and disadvantages 
  • Applying leadership styles in different situations and with different stakeholders 
  • Developing a leadership repertoire 
  • Understanding your individual leadership profile 

Activity: Inclusive Leadership

Explore with others the practical and structural challenges to being truly inclusive in a leadership context.

The day closes with a dinner and a chance to reflect on the day’s learning as a cohort.

Jan 13th:

Module 4: Managing Change

  • Business planning: how to connect planning to managing change  
  • Organisational decision-making: Demonstrate how leaders and CEOs use tools, manage and communicate across and through organizations to facilitate decision making.  
  • Leading through decision making in uncertain circumstances
  • Tools and strategies to focus thinking: KPIs, Values, Risk registers, SWOT/PESTLE

Module 5: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

  • The four components of Emotionally Intelligent leadership (Self-awareness/Self-management/Social awareness/Relationship management) 
  • Developing your own Emotional Intelligence  
  • Emotional Intelligence and its role in organisational wellbeing 

Module 6: Using external data to benchmark your business model to sector norms   

  • An understanding of data sources and financial models found across the non-profit arts sector
  • Current sector trends: sources of insight and analysis to use for updates on these topics
  • How benchmarking your organisation can shape strategic decision-making processes

Activity: Reflection Exercise

Explore with others the challenges you face in your organisation and how you can apply what you have learned.

The Retreat closes at 4.45pm.

January 24th, 12pm – 1.30pm: online follow-up session 

Participants will give group presentations based on the case study they’ve been given during the retreat


Advanced Retreats create strategic leaders with the theory and practical skills to support their CEO in achieving their business aims, and in creating resilient, inclusive organisations.

Delegates add value to their organisations through the skills and insights acquired during the programme, leading to more organisational impact as champions of change.

“Underestimated the impact of this residential programme, powerful, thought provoking and certainly confidence building, there’s nothing like it for arts professionals. The programme content and choice of speakers was exceptional.

2015 Delegate feedback


Your Retreat takes place at the Holiday Inn, in Leicester. Included in the ticket price is overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s located a ten-minute cab ride from the train station, and 15 minutes from the M1.

If you’ve got any accessibility needs, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate them, just let know. You can find out about Holiday Inn’s accessibility information on their website.


We source trainers based on their expertise in each topic area covered by the Retreat. Example trainers include:

Louise Emerson

Louise is a Business consultant will over 25 yrs senior management/CEO experience in the arts & heritage sectors. She is also an accredited Coach (EMCC senior practitioner level).  She works with organisations to create clear strategies, define their mission & customer, develop income streams, seek & use evidence & enhance skills.

Sarah Thelwall

Sarah founded MyCake in 2007 in response to the lack of financial management tools on the market designed to meet the needs of creative, cultural and non-profit organisations. Why shouldn’t we all be able to have our financial cake and eat it too? Sarah regularly speaks at events in the UK and internationally.

Auriel Majumdar

Auriel Majumdar is am EMCC Master Practitioner, Creative Coach, Coach Supervisor and Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience working in organisations as manager, leader, strategist and change maker. In her coaching practice, Auriel specialises in leadership and personal development in the creative sector.

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