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Sponsor a story

The AMA turns 25 this year! We’ll be celebrating with 25 stories to celebrate the past, present and future of the cultural sector.
We’re excited to celebrate our 25th birthday with our members and those working across the cultural sector. Over the coming year (until July 2019) we’ll be creating and producing 25 stories to highlight where the AMA has come from, what’s happening in the sector now and what the future of culture might look like.
These stories will be in a variety of formats. Some will take the form of training resources to support those working within the cultural sector in roles such as ticketing, fundraising, marketing and leadership. We anticipate that these stories and resources will be shared widely across the sector.
If you are interested in sponsoring one of our birthday stories, please get in touch with Fiona to find out more.

Image courtesy of Creative Foundation © Lou Johnson Photography — Normal? Festival of the Brain 2016, The Happiness