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Image for Sarah Boiling

Small things can make a big difference… #ADA

How can you begin to matter to your audiences now and in the long term?  How can you make a lasting difference to the arts, cultural and heritage organisation that you work for?  How do you do all this with the resources you have?  It’s the little things, enthuses ADA 2.0 Mentor, Sarah Boiling. And again with feeling, it’s the little things… 
I am honoured to be working with Fellows on this year’s ADA on a wide range of initiatives; from the level of fundamental organisational values to creating new distribution runs for publicity. For this blog I’ve been prompted to focus on a trio of simple, practical things that we know work, but that can sometimes get forgotten about in the excitement of the latest ‘marketing must do’.
Be pro-active – if you wait for people to find you (whether they are trustees, audience members, workshop participants or volunteers) you will end up with the same old faces. If you really want new faces, get out there with an active invitation that makes it clear you want people like them to engage with you.
Spell it out – the less familiar people are with your organisation the more you need to communicate clearly and simply who are you, what you are offering and what you are looking for (and no this isn’t dumbing down, it is being open and inclusive).
Get out more – how about *gasp* actually leaving your office and meeting and talking to people (yes, literally talking IRL) on their home turf; having a stall in the local market or shopping centre, meeting the people who run the local newsagents, having tea and cake at the community centre.  Yes it’s labour intensive, and yes, it won’t immediately lead to ticket sales, but I guarantee you will feel energised and inspired by the conversations you have.