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Slanguage (noun) a form of slang — not another one for the tick-box list

What is it about?

Life is like those boxes found on Equal Opportunities Monitoring Forms. You pick one. They pick you. Or in the case of BME and Deaf communities, they often don’t.

As a Deaf person, Rinkoo has had to navigate languages, disability and race. In this provocation he will explore the ways in which making assumptions about his validity, his visibility, his voice, affects his acceptance/integration in the workplace, the arts, on the stand-up scene and in society.

Rinkoo’s experience has made him more aware of the experiences of those who quite rightly occupy several tick-boxes at the same time. It’s time to look at his story from a different perspective — and to hear his slanguage.


Rinkoo Barpaga | Theatre Maker, Film Maker and Comedian