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Six Degrees podcast

AMAculturehive Editor, Carol Jones, introduces our new podcast series.
Over at AMAculturehive we’ve been inspired by the idea of six degrees of separation – that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other – so listen in as we follow a trail of six podcasts starting with me interviewing the AMA’s CEO, Cath Hume.
In this first episode we reveal our early arts experiences and our passion for connecting arts with audiences. Warning: this includes me singing (badly) a snippet from an operetta…
And it’s party time as we celebrate 25 years of the AMA so I ask Cath what changes during that time stand out for her. Cath also tells me what she thinks are the key challenges facing the sector and how the AMA will help meet those challenges.
I don’t give Cath a luxury item and the choice of a piece of music to take to a desert island but I do give her a magic wand to make a wish for the next 25 years of the AMA.
In true tag-team talk show style I’ve now handed over the baton to Cath to choose someone that she wants to interview as our 2nd degree of separation and the chain will lead from there. I can’t wait to find out who it is and where we end up.

Carol Jones, Editor AMAculturehive
1st degree: Carol Jones interviewing Cath Hume
Check out all the stories we’re telling as we celebrate the AMA turning 25.