13 Oct 2021 – 9 March 2022: approx 18 hours of contact time

Show Up is for leaders (Chief Executives, Executive Directors) who want to take a frank, refreshing look at leadership. It will focus on your own values and role in working towards inclusion and accountability.

Join us on a unique, intimate journey of personal and collective exploration, discovery, and change. 

Show Up is an excellent way to expand your leadership field of vision and post-Covid leadership style. This programme is part of AMA’s commitment to helping the sector address social justice.

Through this 5-month programme, you will:  

  • Sculpt a Leadership Point of View. You’ll consider what and who has shaped your core beliefs about leading and motivating people over your lifetime 
  • Put your Leadership Point of View into practice. Keep your actions aligned with your values . 
  • Explore narratives around your organisations and venues (from origin stories to social media complaints). This includes analysing assumptions and influences, trends and patterns. It also looks at who was included and excluded, what was elevated, absent, or erased.
  • Practice co-creation and collaborative problem-solving on brief projects with other leaders in your cohort.
  • Learn from and interact with leaders labelled as “non-traditional” or “outside the box” who might also be from historically marginalized social identities.

You’ll take part in:

  • 3 x 1-hour mentoring to support and challenge you as you expand your knowledge
  • 3 x webinars tailored to shape your inclusive leadership development
  • 1 x networking salon to increase your effectiveness and test your collaboration skills
  • 3 x peer sessions where details of experiments are launched.  These experiments will provide you with opportunities to test your ideas based on the knowledge gained within the programme. 
  • 2 x facilitated peer sessions to build putting your Leadership Point of View into practice
  • 1 x graduation ceremony to celebrate what you have achieved

Why Show Up?

Leadership in the 21st century doesn’t mean ignoring who you are. It means embracing and understanding every part of yourself. It also means embracing and understanding every part of society that does (or might, or should) comprise your team, Board, audiences and other stakeholders.

Leadership has to mean no more burn-out or isolation. Capacity and sustainability are finite resources.  The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted inequalities throughout society, while piling pressure on leaders to deliver and adapt to constant change.

What lessons can we build on, from the last 16+ months? There’s no better time to transform your leadership approach. Change how you work, how you work with others, and how your organisation works.

Show Up will help you work with change as a constant presence to be navigated, providing tools to help you fully inhabit your leadership and take your organisation on a journey to a more equitable destination.

Show Up – bookings closed

To keep the conversations and discussions intimate and focused, there are only 10 places available.

This programme is for leader-level participants. If you’re not sure if this level is right for you, check out Heads Up, which is for participants who are not CEO level.

The cost to participate is £175+VAT.

The Programme


  • 3 x 1 hour online sessions with mentors selected by AMA for their individual styles in executive coaching. Their passion and expertise in leadership in the arts, heritage and cultural sector have led to transformative impact for other organisations.  They will enable you to interrogate aspects of your own style and development throughout the programme. 


  • Leadership bias analysis and language in the new normal
  • Re-imagining arts and culture through a social justice lens 
  • Smashing policies and creating a culture of curiosity


  • Experiment 1 – Leadership point of view CEOs will work from their sense of self to incorporate new ideas on how they want/need to lead in the new normal. 
  • Experiment 2 – ‘Lights On’ Networking Salon CEOs from the programme will work with CEOs from across the UK to develop a special symbol to represent a shared vision.  Who receives the stamp of approval?   
  • Experiment 3 – Policy Redux: Inclusivity through a policy re-boot.  Using action research methods to interrogate your resources and knowledge to look differently at how organisational policies are produced. Mixer and group task, taking place online 10th November 2021 from 09.30am to 12.30pm.

Peer discussion sessions

Online discussions will take place, providing the opportunity to explore how to put your Leadership Point of View into practice


All activity takes place online. Mentoring sessions will take place in October, November and January with dates to be agreed between mentors and mentees.

13 Oct, 2pm — 4pm
Launch event and Experiment 1 – Leadership Point of View 1

20 Oct, 2pm — 4pm
Webinar 1: Cultural Language and Hashtags in the New Normal

10 Nov, 9.30am — 12.30pm
Experiment 2: Lights On Leadership Salon

3 Nov, 10am — 12pm
Webinar 2: Re-imagining Arts and Culture through a Social Justice Lens

15 Dec, 2pm — 4pm
Leadership Point of View 2

12 Jan, 2pm — 3pm
Experiment 3: Policy Redux

12 Jan, 2pm — 4pm
Webinar 3: Smashing Policies and Creating a Culture of Curiosity  

9 Feb, 2pm — 4pm
Leadership Point of View 3

9 Mar – Graduation event

Trainers & Mentors

Show Up will get you out of your head and checking your biases. You’ll examine your organisation, staff, board, and audience from new perspectives. You’ll understand and explore the legacy hidden within the walls and systems of your institutions and identities. You’ll become a better leader, and a more confident agent of change, ready to show up and embrace the work. 


Pauline Bailey Headshot

Pauline Bailey

As a Visual Artist, Curator, Director and Creative Producer, Pauline has over 30 years experience in participatory arts projects, community engagement, and the development of emerging artists. She has worked with diverse groups across ages, communities and settings.

Richard Hayhow Headshot

Richard Hayhow

Richard is Director of Open Theatre, where he works to place the creativity of young people with learning disabilities at the centre of the cultural life of Birmingham and Coventry through partnership work with other cultural organisations.

Aliya Mughal Headshot

Aliya Mughal

Aliya is a British writer and yoga facilitator with ancestral connections to Uganda and Pakistan. She is passionate about skilful, response-able communication and has worked in journalism, human rights, mental health, academia and environmental science.

Auriel Majumdar Headshot

Auriel Majumdar

Auriel is a Creative Coach and Consultant accredited by the EMCC at Master Practitioner level. She has more than 20 years’ experience as leader, strategist and change maker. She works with organisations and individuals in the creative and cultural sectors, helping people to reflect on their experiences so they can continuously learn and develop.  As we emerge from the pandemic Auriel has been supporting people to take stock, reflect on their experiences and face the future with optimism and hope.


Rachel Grossman Headshot

Rachel Grossman

Rachel (she/hers) is a theatre artist, audience engagement strategist, and an antiracism/anti-oppression activist working in the U.S. theatre for two decades. In 2020 she co-founded t

Martin Glynn Headshot

Dr Martin Glynn

Dr Martin Glynn is an experienced and internationally renowned criminologist, educator, theatre director, and dramatist with over 35 years’ experience of working in criminal justice, public health, and educational settings.

Hardish Virk Headshot

Hardish Virk

Hardish has worked with dance, music, theatre, festivals, visual arts, cinema, museums and heritage organisations in an audience development capacity as well as advising on race equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Hardish continues to facilitate training on cultural awareness, audience and organisational development. He has also worked with voluntary organisations, health service providers and educational institutions on community engagement, leading on delivery and acting as an advisor.