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16th August 2018 Verity Sanderson

Shared Ambition — new cohort announced

After a successful pilot, the AMA are now running the impactful Shared Ambition — fundraising and marketing together programme for a second time.

This change programme, managed by the AMA as part of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme, explores how fundraisers and marketers can collaborate to better achieve their organisation’s objectives. It looks at why fundraisers and marketers benefit from working together, how this can be improved across the cultural sector and what impact it can have on individuals and organisations.

Rose Cashman-Pugsley and Emma Evans from the Eden Project took part in the pilot programme:

“Shared Ambition gave us some much-needed time to reflect on our progress working together and make a plan for the future. This led to the development of a business case which made a clear, compelling proposition for expanding our work together and building further capacity in the membership team.”

Debbie Richards from Baker Richards, a trainer on the programme said:

“There is a lot of agreement between fundraisers and marketers about the benefits of collaboration. Whether it’s creating a joint, customer-centric approach to communications or working collectively to maximise income, marketers and fundraisers believe that together they can make a bigger impact on helping an organisation achieve its vision. In practice, though, there seem to be many barriers — departments working in silos, targets that set departments up to compete, a lack of joined up systems, a lack of time or resistance to change…These challenges, and more, make ‘joining up’ difficult. The Shared Ambition programme is all about helping people to make that change and foster greater collaboration between fundraising and marketing. And with organisations placing ever-increasing emphasis on earned income it’s never been more important.”

Selected organisations

The 11 organisations that have been selected to take part represent a variety of art forms and are located in various regions across England.


Julie Aldridge from Julie Aldridge Consulting, also a trainer on the programme said:

“The organisations taking part in Shared Ambition have a diverse mix of aspirations for the programme. For some it’s about becoming more ‘philanthropy-driven’, for some it’s about becoming more ‘audience or people-focused’, some are considering how they embed entrepreneurial thinking to enable new income streams, and others have clear, practical goals such as launching a specific joint initiative or project. Shared Ambition helps teams explore what approach might have the biggest impact in line with their vision and purpose. It provides tools and discussions to help them explore how marketing and fundraising might best work together to meet their joint objectives and to think through what might need to change — practice, processes, internal culture, habits, communication, strategies etc. — to bring these ambitions to life.”

David Johnson, Head of Programme at Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy, said:

“Facilitating ideas, creativity and good dialogue between marketing and fundraising teams is key to developing successful income generation activities for cultural organisations. We are pleased to see a diverse range of organisations ready to step up to the challenge of integrating their communication and fundraising strategies over the coming year.”

Participating organisations will be asked to share their stories to help inform and inspire others across the cultural sector. This will include the projects and experiments that come out of the Shared Ambition programme and will be shared via the AMACultureHive website, as blog posts and case studies.


Top image courtesy of Cryptic © Louise Mather