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Shared Ambition — fundraising and marketing together

Change making / Cross-department working

What is it about?

Is there more potential for your organisation if it’s better linked up internally? In 2018 the AMA followed up the pilot of its programme Shared Ambition — fundraising and marketing together, in partnership with Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy. In this rapid fire session, you’ll hear about the changes that two of the participating organisations have made and continue to do so.

Discover what happened as a result of the programme as the organisations share insights into the challenges encountered and the successes experienced.

What will I gain?

— An understanding of how making change can happen at different levels in organisations

— Insight into two organisations’ experiences of aligning marketing and fundraising — before and after taking part in Shared Ambition

— A different perspective on how your own organisation works

Who is it for?

Those working at a strategic or leadership level and are interested in making change within their organisation.

View more information on AMA conference 2019 and book your place.


Jeff Davy | Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator | Conway Hall

Maggie Nightingale | Head of Visitor Operations | Conway Hall

Georgette Donoghue | Marketing and Sales Director | Stephen Joseph Theatre