The AMA supports and develops people and organisations working in arts and heritage,seeking to engage more audiences.

Our services are designed to help members and non-members alike.  

The AMA’s resources, training and events have supported my work and development…It’s the first place I look when I need to change things up or get inspired

Francesca Vaney, Acting Marketing & Communications Manager, New Art Exchange

Training, Networking & Events

AMA runs training and events across the year. See what’s booking now and sign up for our newsletter to make sure you’re in the loop as new events are announced. 


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1 to 2 hours of focused learning, free for members across the year. New content released quarterly. Fee applies for non-members. 


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An interactive and deep-dive look at topics, going further than our webinars and in smaller groups. Discounted for members.

Day events and Conference

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Bringing people together to share current thinking, challenges and best practice. Discounted for members. 

Regional meetings

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Run by your local Regional Associates, these networking meetings help connect members. Free for members. 


The AMA runs a number of programmes on a regular basis. These include: 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Digital & Small Organisation


Funded services

The AMA also works with organisations and funders to produce digital events and programmes.

Digital Stage Management

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Need help running your own events online? AMA can provide support for your event, or train you how to run your own.

Funded Projects 

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We have a strong track recording working with funders on projects and programmes to deliver specific outcomes.

Directories and Resources

If you are after more of an on-demand service, we have assembled together the best the AMA and the wider sector has to offer for you to explore in your own time or to help complete a specific project.

Service Provider Hub

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Looking for an agency or consultancy? Find a service provider, see or leave reviews of service providers, and browse their resources. 

Freelancer Directory

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Browse AMA freelancer members, search for those in your area, or by the specific skills and expertise you seek. 


AMAculturehive is packed full of resources and insights. Find case studies, toolkits, the latest thinking and more.

Learning Pillars

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Our skills analysis will help you plan and identify your training and development needs, working to deliver against key objectives.  

Job Advertising

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Advertise your vacancy and reach the best in the sector, or find your next opportunity with our job listing service.