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Since 2001 we’ve worked with theatres, festivals, concert halls, museums, and urban renewal projects, from locally loved hot-spots to world renowned institutions. Each has unique goals that we help meet through digital strategy, design and development.

More than anything, we believe good outcomes are built on good relationships and a sharp focus on your users’ needs. So we maintain a tight-knit in-house team, all of whom you’ll get to know, and put a big emphasis on discovery. This is how we gain a deep understanding of your requirements before we even think about designing menus, specifying third-party systems or writing code.

Advocating for great user experience at every stage means that we might have to challenge your goals or assumptions from time to time. But that’s okay, because getting our heads together and our hands dirty is how we get our best results: increased sales, more donations, a larger and more diverse audience, and happier staff. (We also win the odd award, here and there.)

Above all, we’re friendly, passionate people, who care about our work and about helping our clients achieve long-term success. We do this through empathy and collaboration, and with dedication to you, your audience and the arts.

Andrew Ladd
Project Manager
Email: hello@ten4design.co.uk
Tel: 02076130590

Visit: www.ten4design.co.uk


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