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Secure My Booking provides venues with a way to offer customers the peace of mind to book in advance for shows without the worry that they could get ill and lose their money. We provide the most comprehensive protection available, with cover including COVID illness and self-isolation. We protect venue/promotor revenues by managing refunds on your behalf for customers who purchase ticket refund protection, and you also earn extra revenues on your protection sales.

Event tickets are typically sold on the basis of no refund, no cancellation or under an unclear refund policy depending on a number of factors which can be confusing to the customer. Secure My Booking allows you to offer a product that gives customers peace of mind when booking.

Customers who cannot attend an event will forfeit the cost of their tickets unless they can resell them which is often against the terms and conditions of sale. If last-minute illness, accident, inclement weather or transportation delay makes attendance impossible, customers are often left with no way of recovering the cost of purchase and this can leave a negative feeling towards the venue.

We have offered ticket reimbursement programs to venues, event organisers and ticket agents since 1994. Our Secure My Booking program ensures that customers who cannot attend an event will be reimbursed the full cost of their ticket purchase, including all fees and additional items purchased at the same time as the tickets.

Peter I'anson
Head of Partnerships & New Business