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With more than 10 years as directors and producers in the industry, we were making films, commercials and documentary TV series for UK and international audiences before founding Happenstance Films in 2020.

Our work has been broadcast on Sky History and BBC Earth as well as successfully advocating for social and environmental change at European Parliament and the UN General Assembly. And across the world, our films and TV commercials have driven investment and fundraising in projects and organisations.

Why documentary
With documentary at the forefront, brands and NGOs are taking ever greater steps to engage with their audiences and customers through meaningful content: educating, celebrating, and challenging the world as we know it. Documentary production allows for flexible budgets and discreet crews without sacrificing story or aesthetics.
We see this as an opportunity to support ambitious organisations to voice their purpose in powerful ways by telling authentic stories based in the real world.

How we work
Working with our clients throughout the production process, our line of investigation involves asking questions, doing thorough research and sensitively building relationships with our contributors. We focus on creating a collaborative environment with you that gives us the best chance of capturing a story that is both candid and sincere.

Dan Hodgson
Email: dan@happenstancefilms.com

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