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Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their diversity, equity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches. We focus on cultivating mindsets and cultures that nurture a sense of belonging by providing advisory, training, development, and coaching that transforms your organisation and creates intentional inclusion.

C-Suite and senior changemakers work with us to inspire transformational strategies, engage colleagues and implement effectively.

Colleagues become self-reflective, self-responsible and self-directed about intentional inclusion.

Using our ‘Explore – Engage – Embed’ process, our clients explore the scope of the transition – whether that is for their own growth or the evolution of an inclusive culture for their organisation. Together we identify and advance the approach required to engage people and deliver embedded performance.

How working with Belonging Pioneers shifts the dial toward Intentional Inclusion:
• C-Suite/Senior leaders motivate transformational strategies and evolve a culture that delivers connection, value and psychological safety

• Managers amplify the ‘quiet voices’ of colleagues from less dominant groups within your organisation

• Diversity & Inclusion Directors, L&D teams and Network Leaders develop colleagues from less-dominant groups to show up with impact and presence through authentic leadership

Ishreen Bradley
Chief Inspiration Officer
Tel: 0203 362 2940