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Riding the wave #DigiLab

In Emilie Barton’s second Digital Lab blog, she explains how data analysis into audience digital behaviour has helped Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW) to implement improvements to its digital work. Emilie also shares insights into her three #DigiLab experiments .

In the first stage of the Digital Lab, I was collating data on PDSW’s main group of digital customers who were split into:  

  • Audience who look at Live Performance
  • Audience who look at Classes

After gaining some very useful data, I was able to see a picture of how these different groups are using our website, as well as the different traffic referrals and in-site behaviour.

General improvements have been implemented into our digital work after learning from an analysis of our current digital efforts. The new developments are very exciting, simple to utilise/upkeep and enables further data gathering and insight into audience behaviour.

  • SEO plugin (Yoast) added to WordPress — very useful for controlling our SEO and social media links (e.g. pulling images through to sites such as Facebook).
  • Launched Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) — increased visibility of searched terms.
  • Increased use of Google Analytics.
  • Google AdWords — looking into — free advertising for charities.
  • plugin — useful social media stats and standing with other organisations.

It is also worth noting these developments though useful for any marketeer, are at no cost and anyone can use.

Experiment 1 — Riding the wave
Experiments are also underway. After finding out that PDSW has a high bout of engagement into the website in January/February, I wanted to ride the wave and create a coherent digital plan to attack my main aim: ‘to improve PDSW awareness’. This for me has led to including the whole PDSW message and picture in all areas:

  • Emails — adding PDSW messaging into emails with designed buttons that lead audiences to different areas of our website. It also reinforces the message that PDSW is a charity and has a wide remit of great work. I have summarised and evaluated the first test which provided overwhelming positive click data for the designed buttons.
  • Social — adding PDSW messaging to posts which emphasise that we are a charity and that our work covers Classes, performances, Youth work, Dancing for Dementia, Parkinson’s Dance, Artist Development and much more.
  • Social — I have also separated our classes into weekly topics/themes which allow audiences to gradually absorb the whole spectrum of our classes offer.
  • Seasons Listings gone live.
  • Design work — Along with the Buttons used in our emails. I am also testing a ‘Did you know?’ campaign.

Measure: To measure this experiment I hope to improve this website stat: ‘Traffic who look at ‘Classes’ pages who also look at ‘What’s on’ pages = 3%’

Experiment 2 — ‘Did you know?’ campaign
Along with ‘riding the wave’, I am designing some simple E-Images which include a series of basic facts about PDSW. PDSW holds thousands of dance sessions and provides opportunities to the community all year round. Releasing these facts will enable our audiences and the general public to understand us better.

  • Designed E-Images with PDSW branding which will include ‘Did you know’ facts about PDSW. To be used mainly on Instagram, Facebook, emails, Twitter.
  • Posts on social media to link to different parts of the website.
  • Template for e-image is made and set up.
  • Planning a schedule and strategy for release.

Measure: I hope to see an improvement in traffic to areas of the site, other than ‘Classes’ and ‘Live Performance’.

Experiment 3 — Home page
My last experiment requires further data gathering which will enable us to see how our home page is being used in more detail. Once further information comes in, I plan to make some small copy and image based edits which will reflect the data that I am gathering now.

  • Google Tag Manager has been implemented with a Google Analytics sync. I have applied a trigger and Tag to our home page buttons. Data will now feed into our Google Analytics telling us how often and what buttons get clicked on.
  • I hope this information will provide insight into what content audiences are interested in and what content needs a bit of development.

Measure: I plan to draw up data stats on the current use of the home page. Once I have implemented some changes I will draw up the same data and look for any improvements.

The Digital Lab is proving very beneficial to those looking at their digital efforts as a whole picture. I hope to keep gathering as much data as possible, for a continuous understanding of how our audiences are behaving, which is crucial when developing a new digital strategy. I also hope to provide some data-backed evidence of what works for our audiences and their engagement.

Read Emilie’s first #DigiLab blog — Audience data research #DigiLab.

Image courtesy of Artsadmin. Passage for Par, Rosemary Lee (Groundwork 2018). Produced by Artsadmin and Dance Republic 2. Photo by Graham Gaunt.