I’ve been using Ticketsolve for many years and feel very connected to the company. The product itself has changed a lot in this time; it has become much more instinctive and easy to use. They are constantly innovating and updating the system, and the training is excellent. When I started 6 years ago, TS was a useful system that I felt comfortable with after some in-house training. These days, it is a very different beast; it is much more proactive and feels like a market leader. We get regular emails about new integrations that we can use or adapt and tips and tricks that can be implemented immediately. Their marketing tools are so good that I see a real difference in handling my workload and what I can do. Their staff are the nicest, smartest people who are passionate and fun. They understand exactly what we do & what we want, and they listen & act. I have no qualms recommending TS to anyone who wants a clever marketing/box office system with first-class support & training.