Reaching New Audiences

Arts Council of Wales will provide 5 bursaries that cover the full cost of Reaching New Audiences 2024.  

Applications are open to both AMA members and non-members, working for organisations across the cultural sector.

All applicants must meet the following criteria. 


  • Individual applicants must be working as an arts freelancer based in Wales or in an arts organisation based in Wales
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In all cases, Arts Council of Wales strongly encourages applications from the following:   

  • An individual or organisation working primarily in the Welsh language.
  • A Deaf, disabled or neurodivergent individual. 
  • An individual from an ethnically or culturally diverse background.  
  • Organisations which are led by — and focus on supporting — protected characteristic groups. Of these, a particular priority are those which are ethnically and culturally diverse-led, or disabled-led arts organisations.
  •  An individual working freelance in the cultural sector with this as your main source of income.

How to apply:    

Complete the online application form by Monday 22 July 2024 at 12.00pm.    

If you have any queries about these bursaries, please email Jemma Green, the AMA’s Sales & Marketing Manager at:     

Next steps:    

The AMA and Arts Council of Wales will assess each application and the AMA will email all applicants with a final decision in the week commencing 5 August 2024.    

Read our top bursary application tips to help make your submission stand out.

Please provide the name of the town/city in which you are based, plus a link to your organisation’s website.
Are you an AMA member?(Required)
How long have you worked in the cultural sector?    (Required)
Are you applying as a Freelancer or from an organisation?(Required)
Do you work for a small organisation? (Required)
Small organisations are classed as having less than 10 employees and/or a turnover of less than £350k in 2019/20 (prior to the effects of the pandemic).  
Number of dedicated marketing / audience development staff in your organisation:    (Required)
Do you identify as any of the following:
What skills are you looking to grow? Who are you looking forward to hearing speak?
Why would you and/or your organisation benefit from attending Reaching New Audiences 2024?  How would you share your learning across your organisation?

Please note:

— A small organisation is classed as having less than 10 employees and/or a turnover of less than £350k 

— We will only award one bursary per organisation 

— If you have already paid for a place at Reaching New Audiences 2024, you will be offered a refund upon receipt of a bursary  

— In the event of us receiving a greater number of applications than places available, the Arts Council of Wales will make a comparative assessment of all applications received to assess their fit with published priorities. These can be accessed via this link:

— Recipients of the bursaries will be asked to provide informal feedback on their experience at Reaching New Audiences to Arts Council of Wales

— The AMA will request successful applicants to provide feedback, that may be used for marketing purposes, on their experience at Reaching New Audiences