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Re-imagine: A free online webinar with optional follow-on workshops

Re-imagine will help you and your company engage more audiences as you emerge from lockdown.

Re-imagine is a 1.5 hour free online workshop to help you re-imagine post-Covid 19 stakeholder and audience relationships in light of changing needs and expectations.

As organisations re-open, we have seen that:

· Strong connections with people make it easier to get audiences back

· Trust of the local community helps reassure people to visit again

· Internal culture of listening and responding makes it easier to adapt and remain relevant

We’ll help you learn from this and adapt your organisations’ approach, to take advantage of the opportunities this presents. Using this knowledge, you can build deeper relationships that mean you are better supported now, and during future crises.

Join the Re-imagine webinar: July 29

Explore the priorities for change in your organisation and share experiences and ideas with peers from across the sector.

Re-imagine is a standalone webinar, but can lead on to deeper 3-hour online workshops, each focused on a different area, with a focus of helping you developing your outline change plan.

You will:

· Review how audience-focused your organisation is

· Explore what works well, and what has potential to do more

· Re-imagine how you might work across departments

· Start a change plan

Follow-on Workshops

Develop Your Change Plan

Following on from the free workshop are four optional 3-hour sessions. Each is focused on a different area. Attend all four, and you’ll develop an outline change plan. Or, dip in and out of the sessions that interest you most:

· Audience vision  Aug 12th

This workshop will help you agree your vision for audiences both now and in a post-Covid world.

· Audience insight Aug 19th

This workshop will help you plan an approach to capturing the insight needed across your organisation, taking into account your capacity and budget.

· Audience-focused organisational culture Aug 26th

This workshop offers you the opportunity to review how you work as a team and plan new ways of working that will improve your collaboration.

· Audience strategy (across departments) Sept 2nd

This workshop will help you create / update your audience strategy for the current climate, with input from across your organisation.


These sessions include:

Shared insight and advice from our trainer

Practical exercises for you and your colleague/s, or senior management team, in online breakout rooms (you don’t all need to be in the same place for it to work)

Discussion with people from other organisations to share ideas and spark new thinking.

As many people from your organisation can attend as you like, for just the one fee of £25 per workshop, or £80 for all four, for AMA members. Non-members can join too, for £35 per workshop or £120 for all four.

Attending these sessions with colleagues will help ensure change is embedded across the organisation.

As many people from your organisation can attend as you like, on one ticket per organisation. 

Freelancers, sole traders and entrepreneurs are welcome too! As are those from organisations whose colleagues are unable to attend with you. We will match groups of individuals to enable you to support and encourage one another during the exercises.

Image of Julie Aldridge

Your Trainer

Julie Aldridge

Julie works with a diverse mix of organisations across the arts, heritage and cultural sector, supporting leaders and teams to devise strategies to achieve their ambitions. She specialises in business planning, marketing and audience development, membership strategy, leadership, and organisational development. Julie also offers bespoke support for individuals (as a mentor, critical friend, trainer etc.), for teams (through training or facilitation), and for organisations (running development programmes or carrying out consultancy projects). Prior to becoming a consultant, she was Executive Director of the AMA for over 11 years.