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In this keynote at AMA conference 2019 — Rewire — culture, audiences & you — Nadja Bellan-White of Ogilvy uses her 25+ years’ experience in growing major brands in different sectors to talk about the higher-order purpose that our brands have and the power we have to effect change. Claire Eva will discuss the journey of 14-18 NOW’s brand, from an ambitious idea to a hugely successful programme that engaged with a diverse blend of people across the UK.

It covers

  • Consider how thinking differently about our brands can rewire our relationship with audiences.
  • Explore what it means to create a brand from scratch.
  • What role our brands play and how we can use them to effect change.


Nadja Bellan-White
Executive Partner

The Ogilvy Group

Claire Eva
Director of 2020 Campaign
Serpentine Galleries


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