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29th May 2019 Jemma Green

Pricing Power to the People! – dynamic pricing that enhances audience engagement

Dynamic pricing / Maximising revenue

What is it about?

At its core, a robust dynamic pricing strategy should be about asking your patrons what a particular performance is worth to them.

During this session Sean will be discussing emerging trends in dynamic pricing and tactics that organisations, large and small, can use to accurately price their performances.

When you charge patrons what they believe a performance is worth, you maximise revenue, and because you are charging the right price, you ensure that you are selling as many tickets as possible.

What will I gain?

— Knowledge of what value proposition is, and how it affects patrons’ buying decisions

— Competence in properly valuing different titles and performances

— Ability to effectively ask your patrons what you should be charging (spoiler alert — it’s not £0)

Who is it for?

This session will be for marketers at all levels, as well as Executive/Managing Directors, Presidents, and CEOs.

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Sean Kelly| Founder | Vatic

Sean Kelly is the Founder of Vatic. Vatic provides dynamic pricing software specifically designed for the performing arts. For the past eight years Sean has been the Vice President of Marketing at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. A recovering actor with two degrees in Theatre, before entering arts administration, he worked for Starbucks Corporation as a Product Manager.




This session is sponsored by Vatic

Vatic provides dynamic pricing software for performing arts and ticketed venues. Vatic’s Dynamic Pricing Tool was created over the past ten years by Sean Kelly while Vice President of Marketing for the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The Tool utilizes powerful algorithms to monitor the fifteen factors that can affect pricing for performing arts organizations, applying your budget and capacity goals to ensure that you maximize revenue as well as sell more tickets. Vatic has managed the pricing for more than 1400 performances of all artistic disciplines. This past season, Vatic’s clients averaged double digit growth in single ticket revenue per performance and a 5:1 return on investment.  


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