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6th September 2017 Rebecca Moore

Planning and preparing… #DMA

Jenny Babenko from Adverse Camber shares her experience on the Digital Marketing Academy.

I work for a small scale touring company with a small staff base, located in a rural area, therefore the opportunity to take part in the 2017 Digital Marketing Academy is something quite exciting!  My opportunities to benefit from peer support and networking are limited and so the DMA seems like it can provide great opportunities to learn from experts and to be part of a conversation with colleagues who have varying levels of knowledge with whom I can share experiences and ideas with.

With the DMA I hope to learn more about and experiment with different ways of engaging with our audiences in-between our live performances in more meaningful, regular, consistent and interesting ways. We would like to develop and build customer loyalty, generating confidence in our audiences that we have something unique and interesting to say. I would like to experiment with using film to do this.

One month in, the DMA has made an impression on me, after one online seminar, one Action Learning Set and one meeting with my mentor, how amazing to be able to meet with such a variety of people from the UK, the United States and Australia all from my office!

Through the Action Learning Set we got to know the other fellows in our set and it became clear that learning from each other would be fairly easy just by listening to each other’s experiences and asking pertinent questions. So, not only will we learn from our own experiments and experiences, but from each others’ experiences, too.

My first meeting with my mentor Seb Chan was really interesting, he has so much knowledge and experience, a short conversation opened my eyes to many different ideas that I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up! Seb has already made a couple of simple and practical suggestions, for example some easy ways of making better use of Facebook, along with sending me links to some really engaging and quirky digital content!

Next I have to make some solid plans…


Header Image courtesy of Courtyard Centre for the Arts © Russell Lewis – Theatre of Doom

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