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20th February 2017 Aaron McGregor

Yasmin Khan
Covalent Creative Partnerships

Yasmin Khan, Covalent Creative Partnerships

Yasmin Khan, Director
Covalent Creative Partnerships

Yasmin Khan is a cultural consultant and director of Covalent Creative Partnerships. She has over 16 years of experience conceiving and delivering major projects across the museums and heritage sector. Her past remits in national museums span across exhibitions and programme development; previously she was Interpretation Manager at the British Library and the Curator Team Manager at the Science Museum. Yasmin was awarded the 2011/12 Wellcome Trust Creative Fellowship on the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme which included a four-month secondment to the Mayor of London’s culture team as an associate for Big Dance, a central feature of the London 2012 Festival.

She is a specialist assessor for the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, a committee member for Arts Council England’s Accreditation Scheme and is also a museums quality assessor for Arts Council England. Yasmin currently works as an accredited coach, facilitator and freelance writer.

Her portfolio of multi-disciplinary initiatives orbit the intersections of science, art and identity, often breaking new ground and reaching new audiences through delivering participatory events in collaboration with a diverse range of artists and festivals. She is currently advising the Barbican on developing a blockbuster Sci-Fi exhibition that launches in June 2017, aptly called Into the Unknown.