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Triple Cripples

Jumoke Abdullahi & Kym Olive | Triple Cripples

“TRIPLE CRIPPLES was created by two disabled Black Women, for Women, Femmes & Non-Binary POC, living with disabilities, each and every day, whose stories remain hidden from view.”

The dynamic duo, Kym Oliver & Jumoke Abdullahi, were frustrated with the lack of representation and unaddressed discrimination faced by Black and non-Black People of Colour living with disabilities. They joined forces and created a platform to increase visibility & highlight the narratives of this “invisible population, within an invisible population”! Triple Cripple have leveraged the intricacies of digital marketing and user experience to build audiences in niches and across intersections.

The loveable duo has gained steady recognition for their insight & charisma. Featured on international platforms (BBC, AJ+, Vogue, Metro), and consulted for their invaluable perspectives in both academic & corporate circles (Oxford University, Cambridge University, Disability Leadership Institute, WOW). Black Disabled Culture cognoscenti, Kym & Jumoke, are relentless in their pursuit to transform the outcomes of those here and yet to come!

Instagram & Twitter: @TRIPLECRIPPLES