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24th May 2016 Aaron McGregor

Monica Montgomery

Image of Monica Montgomery

Monica O. Montgomery, is an arts and culture innovator using creativity and narrative as a means of bridging the gap between people and movements. As an independent curator, museum consultant writer and keynote speaker, she uses her platforms to be in service to society. She is cofounder and strategic director of Museum Hue a multicultural platform advancing diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives for people of colour, in arts, culture, museums and creative economy. Her work with Museum Hue includes diversity staffing for emerging and established cultural workers, training leaders and museums, and partnering with universities and institutions to facilitate leadership pipelines, equity & inclusion initiatives, job fairs, town halls, tours and talks. She works internationally to facilitate diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives with clients throughout Europe, Africa and North America. Additionally, Monica is the founding director of Museum of Impact, a mobile social justice museum, having curated 35+ exhibits and festivals at the intersection of art, activism, society.Save


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