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12th November 2018 Rebecca Moore

Jade Joseph
Ideas Test

Jade started working at Ideas Test in 2016 as a intern and has since progressed to Programme Assistant. As the title suggests, she supports various strands across the organisation, usually within an administrative or marketing framework. She is happiest when her tasks call for anything creative; whether that’s designing posts for social media, experimenting with Instagram stories, creating short videos or writing blogs. Watching all the elements – design, colour, layout, text –  tessellate together is always exciting and a chance to showcase the hard work of everyone else in the team. She hopes that participating in the Digital Lab will be a great (albeit incredibly nerve wracking!) opportunity to really challenge the way she approaches promoting ideas and events, though she is looking forward to exploring different avenues of creativity in the process. Outside of her work, Jade is usually found with her head in a book.



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