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7th December 2017

Debbie Richards
Baker Richards

Headshot of Debbie RichardsDebbie Richards is a Director of Baker Richards, a consulting and software firm that helps cultural organisations achieve their commercial potential through admissions pricing and affiliation (including memberships, subscriptions and donations). Baker Richards has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide over the last 15 years including Edinburgh International Festival, Historic Scotland, London Symphony Orchestra, Metropolitan Opera, National Theatre, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Royal Academy of Arts, Royal Danish Theatre, Royal Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Sydney Opera House.

Debbie’s extensive consulting experience includes work in North America, Australasia and Europe, as well as in the UK. She is a regular conference speaker and has recently delivered keynote presentations at the Norsk Kulturhusnettverk conference, the National Attractions Marketing Conference and The Annual National Conference of Visitor Attractions.


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