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Anne Lise KjaerFuturist

Anne Lise KjaerAnne Lise Kjaer is a globally renowned futurist and author. She has been a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador since 2003 and was recently appointed to the IPE for Singapore Urban Development Authority. In 1988 she founded the Ideas & Trend Management agency Kjaer Global, incorporating human-centric and multidimensional thinking for decoding societal shifts, while exploring the four Ps of People, Planet, Purpose, Profit to frame core trends influencing the future. Kjaer’s clients include Amazon, BBC, Dell, O2, Huawei, IKEA, Volvo and Wired Lab.

Kjaer Global’s specialises in insights that will drive new thinking and innovation. In the smart society a whole new mindset is needed to respond effectively to challenges ahead and to satisfy people’s real needs, in which context the arts and culture will play a definite role.

Kjaer is a renowned speaker and the author of the Trend Management Toolkit – A Practical Guide to the Future. She has delivered talks to more than 50,000 people since 1999. Regularly she presents keynotes at international conferences and she has lectured at Cambridge university, LSE, MIT among others.



Anne Lise will be speaking at Digital Marketing Day 2018 — Future Now in Glasgow. Her keynote will be livestreamed to those attending in London.