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Alison Hilton, MERL


Alison Hilton, Marketing Officer
Museum of English Rural Life (MERL)

I started my museum marketing career at the Museum of English Rural Life at the University of Reading through an unconventional route, via a Languages degree, teaching and then marketing roles in a mathematical software company and at the OUP. I have been responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications to attract visitors to the museum since 2006, including PR, direct marketing, website development and maintenance, branding and publicity. Since being introduced to Twitter on a training course in 2009, I have gradually introduced digital into my marketing strategy to the point that during our current closure for redevelopment, we are almost completely reliant on digital channels to stay in touch with our audiences. I work with colleagues across the University’s museums and collections to create content to engage with diverse audiences. We now have a range of channels with approx. 20,000 followers, including a Tumblr blog listed in the history spotlight, and we recently had a story about a mousetrap go viral!